Coffee an ally for your diet.

Many myths have been Heard about coffee, some say that its bad for your system, others say that it keeps you awake all night, and other even say that it can cure the worst hangover. The truth is that a well consumed cup of coffee can certainly help us loose a few pounds.

The secret of this powerful method of weight lose lies in the properties of it main component: caffeine, which helps to accelerate your metabolism, stimulating your body to make it burn more fat. But for this to take effect it is important to have in mind some very important tips.

How to drink coffee corectly to get slimmer.

  1. Drink it neat: To achieve more effectiveness in our diet it is necessary to drink coffee with no additives. Coffee it self has no calories but if you pour cream on it you’re adding 50 calories, and if you put some sugar you would be adding 50 more calories, that’s why some say this doesn’t work.
  2. Before every meal: One of the properties of caffeine is that it accelerates our metabolism, and that increases the consumption of fat within our body by 35%. So if we take a cup of coffee half an hour before every meal, we would be allowing fat to be digested faster and not to be absorbed by our body.
  3. 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee: Coffee is an excellent diuretic that help us go to the restroom more frequently and efficiently, but we must remember that it can cause some troubles in our digestive system, and that’s why it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of water at room temperature for every cup of coffee we drink.
  4. Reduces appetite: It have been proven that when we drink coffee our stomach feels fuller and more satisfied because caffeine diminishes our levels of anxiety, decreasing the amount of food we eat and reducing food cravings during the afternoon and midnight.

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