How we can improve our sexual life?

How to improve your sexual life?

How can we improve our sexual life?
Many couples ask this question, you are not alone.
What happens is we get used to the other person. We start doing everything together, and we became more as friends than lovers. We forgot what means hold his hand or send her flowers. Sexual health and sexual life are a very important part in a couple’s life. We need to revive the flame, but how?

Go out in a date with your partner.
Invite her (him) to have a special night. Go to your favorite restaurant, remember when you were dating the first time. Maybe after dinner you can go to a jazz bar, hear some music, relax with champagne, or just talk. Look each other into the eyes and smile…

Vacationing in adults only resorts in the Caribbean
You will be surprise how wonderful this vacation could be. No kids or teens in the pool, beds in the beach and a concierge taking your order of margaritas while you are relaxing in the paradise. And, you can mingle with other adults, the environment is sexy and people want to play. You can stay in bed or go shopping, is amazing when you can take some time by yourself. Is not selfish, is time for the couple to share more quality time

Buy some lingerie and have an special fantasy
Lingerie, corsets, body stockings are very sexy. Is different and hot and both of you will enjoy it. Add some strawberries and champagne and nice music. Fantasies are great to explore your sexuality and be cool at the same time. Don’t be afraid to share those fantasies with your better half.

escape from home and stay in a hotel for the weekend.
I know, is not a vacation but at least you are away from home. Order from room service, take a bath together, stay in bed naked, talk about what you want and feel free to be the owner of the world. Don’t forget the sexy lingerie for those nights…

Enhancement the relationship
Don’t be scare to use some enhancement for him or for her. You can find a selection of pills, creams, lubricants, etc are great to help you with some issues. There is no need to be ashamed in bed. You can find a large variety in the market that can make you improve your sexual life and your response. Some woman don’t want to talk about it, but there is hope, there is a lot of enhancement for her too. Talk to your doctor. You will have a better, pleasant and healthy sexual life

There is no need to left the passion behind. You can have 20 years of marriage and still share those passion days of the beginning.
The key is never get bored, try new things and explore them…
Good luck!

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