6 Ways to Eat Healthy while you are at the office

6 ways to  eat healthy

Ways to stay healthy at the office

When you are at the office for 8 hours you need to eat close by. And the food sometimes, or every time is not the healthier one you wish. Fat and fast food, not balanced one and with tons of sugar and calories, it make harder when you are trying to eat well.
But is not an excuse to take everything into your mouth. There is some methods you can follow in order to stay healthy at work hours.
It doesn’t matter if you cook your own food, it matter that you have the right consciousness to do the right thing. You need to know your own body, know what is best for you. Eliminates sugar or trans fat, and maybe your body will thanks more salads or fruit. All you need to do is find the right balance while you are at the office.

Set an hour to have the meal:
Remember your body needs fuel, energy to keep going all day. So you need to establish an hour to have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. And take small portions, you will se the difference. This is the first role and you can’t break it.

Snack time is the key:
Snacks are good to get energy during the middle of the busy day and accelerate the metabolism in a tremendous way. Plus if you eat 5 times a day you won’t ever be hungry.

Snacks like nuts, peanuts, cereal bars, fruits are great at the office.

Have a high protein lunch:
Chicken breast, meat, fish, etc, you need protein at lunch time. If you can prepare at home, great, if not, order a lunch meal with no sauce or dressing, and add vegetables, organic rice or wheat pasta.

But, if you are a vegetarian:
Eat some grands, lentils, black beans. They have plenty of protein and carbs.

Drink, drink, drink:
You need to drink plenty of water. No coffee, no any caffeine drink with lots of sugar added.
Green Tea, Black Tea, any tea is great to keep you focus at work and gives you energy during the day.

Some exercise would be great:
At the office, park you car far from the entrance and take the stairs instead of the elevator. That will make you walk 10 minutes. Have some stretch exercises at your desk. Some yoga poses are excellent to help you maintain posture and you can add some little workout after office hours like zumba class, or yoga, or just walk at the nearest park.

You can have some exercise during the week, maybe on weekends you can do your favorite activity, but the most important thing, is to know that you can be healthy and active doing little or a full routine. Keep track of your food, eat several meals a day, take a snack and a nap, and you will start loving your body and your body will receive that love and care…

You can weight loss in some easy ways you won’t notice
You only have one body, and that body is your temple… Treat your temple as sacred and holy. Give your body the best medicine: love and care.

eat healthy

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