What to do in Cold Days

Tea for cold days

For some people cold days are those days when you want desperately go to the beach. And immediately you think in Miami
Everybody love beaches!! Sunny days, sea breeze, cocktails and a beautiful tan.
But, right now we have cold days, freezing breeze and short days.. now what?
Well, if you can, take a plain and go to Miami, Bahamas or a beautify island o=in the caribbean.
If not, there some tips

Wake up early
Wake up early and take a nice walk. Is refreshing and you feel energize for the rest of the day
Take a hot cup of tea and enjoy your day. If you can wake up at down, you will see the beautiful colors in the sky. Is magnificent how the sky is changing from dark to bright. I a gift from God, and is yours everyday.

Yoga Meditation

Go to your special place at home, it doesn’t matter if in in the morning, afternoon, or night. Reserve a moment for you and sit down comfortably, light some candles, maybe put some tibetan bells and just breathe… Breathe can take your sorrow away. Concentrate in your breathing and relax your body, mind and see how it goes. You don’t need to be an expert to do it, just breathe in silence, breathe in peace and you will feel at yourself, loving yourself. If you never meditate before, don’t worry, buy some meditation cd’s, or go to youtube and find some guided meditation videos, easy if you start soon.


Yes, you can play and enjoy the simple things in life, just like a kid does.
Go to the mall and eat an ice cream, remember what things makes you happy and do it.
If you have a partner, you can play with him (her). Free your mind from prejudices and buy some lingerie, maybe some sexual toys to spice your bedtime
Don’t forget that exercise regularly is a good plan for cold days. You don’t need to go to the gym, you can exercise at home as well. Play some yoga videos, maybe a Zumba Video Class, or just dance. A little walk everyday will help too.
If you want to maintain or lose weight during those days, you can take advantage of weight loss pills. You can find a huge variety of diet pills, or slimming coffees, or slimming patches. See what is more effective for you.
Don’t go crazy
Please, don’t start eating like a maniac just because is dark outside and cold and you don’t want to go outside. Eat some apple or maybe some low carb cookies. Do not eat the whole food. Relax, everything is going to be ok and remember, cold days don’t need to be bad days. Think positive, warm days will come soon, and than we can enjoy the beach once again…

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