Monthly Archives: December 2015

12 Extraordinary and Simple Things To Do In 2016

2016 Is going to be a great year. Full of challenges and full of hope. I am hoping this new year will bring a change of consciousness and with that change, we can bring peace to this world. Do you want to start this next year with the right foot? Well, lets do a fantastic […]

20 Perfect presents for Christmas

People go crazy before Christmas, like if the end of the world is close. I don’t understand them. It suppose to be the best time of the year, with love and family together but sometimes is like time of fight, envy and jealousy. If you don’t get what you want, or if is not the […]

Face Masks for Everyone

  Well, I remember my mother said face is your business card, and she always bought me tons of creams, for the day and night, and middle day and middle night too. I grow up with facial creams all over me. And now, I have a beautiful skin thanks to her. We need to care […]