20 Perfect presents for Christmas

Christmas gifts

People go crazy before Christmas, like if the end of the world is close. I don’t understand them. It suppose to be the best time of the year, with love and family together but sometimes is like time of fight, envy and jealousy.

If you don’t get what you want, or if is not the color, or is not the right size, etc. you get mad.

I guess is about appreciation.

Sounds crazy, I know… Is not about presents and party, is about appreciate what you have right here and right now.

I am very grateful for my life, my blessings, my husband, and everything I have. I did  an inventory of my blessings and I have more than enough. Of course I want more, and I need to work for that, but sitting in my chair I think that everything I love is here, close to me. I thank the Universe for what I receive everyday.

Is not about what you receive, is about what you have to give. Give love, give hugs, give appreciation. Smile more and complaint less, that is the perfect present.

1. Give the opportunity to listen to others, there is always someone who want to say something.

2.  Give time. People need more time to be happy and share this time with family and friends

3. Give moments. Precious moments are remembered forever.

4. Give kind words. Everybody need to hear something nice about them

5. Give kisses to everybody.. Is fun, and people love kisses.

6. Give the gift to share an ice cream with kids.

7. Give chocolates and hugs, perfect gift.

8. Give good memories.

9. Give your hand to someone in need.

10. Give food to homeless and a big smile of thank them the opportunity to serve.

11. Give the clothes you don’t use, someone may use it everyday.

12. Give yourself the gift to share time with kids, they will teach you how to love

13. Give laughs

14. Give moments to remember

15. Give a call to someone who is far away from  home, you may make them happy

16. Give the reason other person will smile today

17. Give care for others.

18. Give joy.

19. Give hope to someone sick or depressed.

20. Give the best of yourself each day

When someone is crazy in the mall and don’t know what to give, is sad, because people only think in spend money on people, and what people need is feel they are loved. Is not about shopping, is very simple but at the same time not easy to understand.

A kid, an adult, a baby, everybody need to know how loved they are. Presents mean how much money you spend in them, but time and love means a whole world…

I wish everybody happiness. I wish happy holidays !!!

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