12 Extraordinary and Simple Things To Do In 2016


2016 Is going to be a great year.

Full of challenges and full of hope. I am hoping this new year will bring a change of consciousness and with that change, we can bring peace to this world.

Do you want to start this next year with the right foot? Well, lets do a fantastic list for 2016

  1. Think (in your mind) this is year is going to be the best year of your life. Believe it and write it down, memorize it and start creating the best version of yourself right here, and right now.
  2. Go to a new place you never been before, could be a small town close to your neighborhood or an exotic place in Asia, you choose, but imagine yourself there and start working on that.
  3. Celebrate your birthday as if you were a child, with balloons and flowers and smiles and your love ones all together. This celebration of life should be the best party ever
  4. Also, celebrate birthdays of your favorite people in the world. Make them happy and especial, because they are.
  5. Do yoga 3 times a week. That is a great start and you will feel great and happy, that you will go for more…
  6. Meditate at least 20 minutes a day, even if you do 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the afternoon, and maybe 10 minutes at night, before bed… Try it, give it some opportunity to live a new way of life. Meditation is amazing!!!
  7. Start a tradition with your friends or family. You can go to a special place every year, or you can have an special dinner, or you can take a cruise with your love ones. A tradition that make memories and love, and repeat it every year
  8. Do something you never did. Try to teach something you are good at. Maybe you excellent chef and everybody love your food. Well, teach how you cook to someone. Or if you make the best cheesecake, give a class to your friends… Share what you know.
  9. Conquer the world. Remember when you were a kid, you wanted to be great. Well, this year you can do something wonderful. Maybe you want to climb a mountain, or swim a river, or something you want to do and never have the time to do it. Do it this 2016
  10. Make the commitment to be happy this year.
  11. Dance. Dance make you happy and stress free. Take a Zumba class, or just play your favorite music and just dance. Plus is a good exercise. Invite your kids or partner and share the joy and music with them.
  12. Stop doing something that is bad for you. It may be a bad habit: drinking to much, eating more than normal, smoking to many cigarettes, etc. Stop doing what makes you unhappy.                          And most important, do whatever makes you happy. I wish you a healthy, happy, wonderful and amazing new year!!!



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