Why you don’t lose weight?



Is the questions thousand of people around the world ask themselves. Why can’t I?

Is it so hard to lose weight? Apparently yes. But according to psychologist and therapists, is in our own mind…. How can be this possible? I want to lose weight but my mind won’t let me? Is insane…

So, I tried to go deep and guess what? I find this: “mind over matter” What is that suppose to mean? Well, according to Metaphysics, Kabalists, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc is true. You can command your mind to do your wish. And it sounds great, but how can we apply it to our daily lives?

I want to lose weight and I buy diet pills, I get slimming coffees and slimming teas, I can put some patches for weight loss, get crazy at the zumba class, but something is not working. Is frustrating, right?

So, what should we do? We can go to India or Nepal and be alone with a buddhist monk, and learn how to meditate to lose weight, but this is not for everybody, some of us must work here. This is not a good option

We can pay for personal trainer, get up very early (4:am perhaps?) and start our workout routine until we get the results we want, but seriously, is not realistic.

So I am back in the middle of nowhere, what should we do?

Accept my body is another option, therapist says that you have to accept the things in your life-body-mind, etc,  but for me, I want to change my body and look slim.

So in this point, I take all this information and throw it away. I am going to do my own way. Because in this point, you should do what ever you want to do. Stop listen what everybody is saying, you are going mad….


I decided to go easy. I am going to wake up early but not so early, I will get a calendar and mark every day I exercise myself, at my own pase, no rush, no hurry, but with certainty that I will get the body I want.

Also, I will buy some weight loss pills, of course, I will drink gallons and gallons of slimming tea, and more water, and more tea, and do an exercise routine, a combination of slow yoga and pilates, maybe a boot camp, but at the end I want to feel like I am doing my best to get fit. I want to avoid the feeling that I am not capable of lose weight. And I will eat healthy food, more vegetables and less sugar. Less ice cream, less cookies, less Cheetos, is not so hard but it takes courage to do it, (actually is very hard), but I want the courage to focus in my goal. Of course, I have to be realistic… If I want to lose weight in my own pace, I can do it maybe in 1 year. If you want to lose weight in 3 weeks, my darling, is not realistic. Not even if you have the new diet that promise you will lose 20 pounds in 3 days or 20 days, is not real.

What I realized  is: be realistic, be yourself, love yourself as you are right now, and picture yourself in the future as you want to be, do your homework and exercise regularly and eat more green and healthy food and healthy snacks. There is a whole world waiting for you, open your mind to the good vibes around you. Photoshop a picture of you in the body you want and see it every day, imagine yourself in the beach in that great bikini and look at yourself smiling. You can do it… I can do it. Lets do it together.

Lets start today, save time for yourself, for your exercise routine, and for your new you.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are…. and don’t forget to be happy

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