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Why you don’t lose weight?

WHY YOU DON’T LOSE WEIGHT? Is the questions thousand of people around the world ask themselves. Why can’t I? Is it so hard to lose weight? Apparently yes. But according to psychologist and therapists, is in our own mind…. How can be this possible? I want to lose weight but my mind won’t let me? […]

6 Ways to Eat Healthy while you are at the office

When you are at the office for 8 hours you need to eat close by. And the food sometimes, or every time is not the healthier one you wish. Fat and fast food, not balanced one and with tons of sugar and calories, it make harder when you are trying to eat well. But is […]

You need love to lose weight

Yes, you heard me… LOVE.. All you need is love… If you want to lose weight, you need to put some love in whatever you do. If you are taking pills, exercising like crazy, healthy diet, detox your body etc, you need love for yourself. If you see yourself as a wonderful human been, that […]